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About Us

Bee S4z9  in the Navajo language means "Stand For" or "My Livelihood".

The corn is naturally and organically grown on the farm in Shiprock, New Mexico.  It is processed in the traditional Navajo method ready for preparation in your home or for a festival.

Produced, processed and packaged at the Waterflow, New Mexico facility, this product is available directly to the individual that wishes to enjoy this traditional dish.

Our Process

Our corn is harvested from our farm near Shiprock and transported to our processing facility in Waterflow, New Mexico. The picked green corn steamed by placing it into a traditional wood fire pit.


After the corn in the husks is steamed, it is removed and piled in an area to cool before being husked. A peeling party consisting of the crew and family gather to remove the husk from the corn. Many hands are needed and meals are always a part of the peeling party. Many tales are told and retold.


Next, the Neeshj9zhii is placed on large racks to dry. When the drying process is complete, Neeshj9zhii is shelled from the cobs. Equipment is used to remove the majority of the kernels from the corn cob. The kernels left on the cob are removed by hand.

An air blowing process cleans the Neeshj9zhii making it ready for bagging.  The packaging process is done at the Waterflow processing facility. The bags are weighed when packaged.  Sizes of bags available are half pound, 1 pound, 2 pounds and 5 pounds.  It is also available in larger quantities.

Once the Neeshj9zhii is cleaned, bagged  and labeled, it is ready for sale.

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