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Navajo Corn in field in New Mexico

Bee S4z9

Navajo Corn Products

Quality is our business

With Traditional Navajo Values in Mind

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Bee S4z9  Navajo Corn Products raises traditional Navajo corn in the bread basket of the Navajo Reservation along the San Juan  River in Shiprock, New Mexico and processes the corn into traditional Navajo products in Waterflow, New Mexico.

Want to try some of our flavorful products?


Dried Steamed Corn

Neeshj9zhii is dried steamed white corn. The white corn is picked while the corn is still green. Then the neeshjizhii is steamed in a traditional wood fire pit.  It is peeled and dried to give it the golden color.

Mission Statement

To enhance Navajo Culture by providing traditional foods

Vision Statement

To be the major provider of traditional Navajo corn products to the greater Navajo Nation and beyond

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